Famous Finds is Coming to Your Town!

“For over 20 years we have been paying guaranteed top dollar in our search for America’s best collectibles and precious metals. Our search has taken us from town to town and unearthed some amazing (and famous) finds. Check the show list to the right (or scroll down on smart phones) to see when what town we are in THIS WEEK!”

Tips for Attending the Show

  • Arrive Early or Call for an Appointment. The shows tends to be a little busier as the day goes on.
  • Do not clean your item (It may harm the value potentially)
  • Not sure you want to sell it? Bring it anyway (People are often times blown away by our offers)
  • Missed the show? Try the Mail In link to get an offer today

What we are LOOKING TO BUY ….

  • Guitars and other musical instruments
  • Watches and Pocket Watches (From lesser all the way up to Rolex’s)
  • All Gold and Silver (Local Laws Permitting)
  • Coins (Pre 1965, and all Gold Coins)
  • Vintage Comic Books (10 and 12 cent, pre 1969)
  • Sports Memorabilia (Autographs, Programs, Tickets, etc)
  • Autographs (Political, Historical, Sports or Musicial)
  • Toys and Banks (Vintage)
  • Vintage (Pre 1970) Sportscards (Baseball, Football, Basketball, Hockey)

Famous Finds is Coming To Your Town