Ever since there have been famous people around, there has been someone looking to collect their autograph… and now we want to buy them ! No collection is too large or small so call today for a quote on your autograph collection.

Premiums paid on vintage items (Pre 1970) and signatures of deceased individuals.



  • All Baseball Signatures (Bats, Balls, Photos, and all other signed items)
  • All Football Signatures (Footballs, Helmets, Photos, Jerseys, etc)
  • All Basketball Signatures (Basketballs, Photos, Jerseys, Team Signed Items, etc)
  • All Hockey Signatures (Pucks, Helmets, Jerseys, Photos, etc)
  • Musical Autographs (Beatles, Hendrix, Joplin, Elvis, etc…Vintage Preferred)
  • Political Autographs (Presidents, Declaration of Independence Signors)
  • Historical Figures (Artists, Writers, Comic Art, etc)
  • Entertainment Autographs (Cast and Crew Photos, TV and Film)
  • Space and Aviation (Crew Photos or Individuals)
  • Also buying large collections of unsigned, vintage (pre 1950) photos and items owned/worn by famous people.