Silver Coin Dealers serving Kernersville, NC


Silver was one of the first metals used to make coins, thousands of years ago in many places of the world. It was easily transportable and tradable. Silver coins were long lasting and durable, not subject to decay. They carry a stable value and a high value to weight ratio.

Silver bullion coins were often kept as a store of value or investment, rather than used in everyday transactions. People have hoarded coins for their bullion value for as long as coins have been minted. At Famous Finds, we are currently looking for the following coins and type of coins….

  • ALL Pre 1965 (1964 and back) Dimes, Quarters, and Half Dollars
  • Pre 1921 Morgan Dollars
  • Pre 1934 Peace Dollars
  • 1942-45 Nickels (1943-45 ONLY please)
  • 1965-70 Half Dollars (40% silver)
  • All American Silver Eagles
  • All Gold Coins
  • All Platinum Coins
  • All Rare Date and Specialty Coins
  • All Graded Coins
  • All Bullion Bars, Ingots, etc (Both Silver and Gold)
  • US Paper Currency Pre 1933
  • Mint Sets
  • Proof Sets

(US Coins only please, except gold coins which can be foreign)

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