Comic Book Buyers serving Kernersville, NC

ghostlytalesMom didn’t throw out those comic books you had as a kid? Great because we want to BUY them. Not sure if your comics are for us, here is a simple test. Look at the price that was originally paid for the comic book (in the 1950s, etc). It should be on the cover. If the comic was bought for 10 or 12 cents there is a VERY good chance we want to buy it? A 15 cent comic? We still have interest in a lot of those also.

Once you get to 20 cents and up, we get to be more selective. That doesn’t mean we won’t buy it, it just means we might not buy all of them. Sadly if the price on your comic is 75 cents or higher, there is a very good chance we wont be able to find a good home for it (with some rare exceptions). If you have something we are looking for we would love to hear from you.



  • All Golden Age Comics (1938-55)
  • Most Silver Age Comics (1956-69)
  • Selective Bronze Age Comics (1970-79)
  • Graded Comics
  • All Vintage Superhero Comics (Spiderman, Superman, Batman, X-Men, Fantastic 4, etc)
  • Special Issues and First Appearances
  • Graded Comics
  • Marvel, DC, and other Publishers
  • Original Comic Artwork

Large Collections are ok