Music Instruments

Have an old instrument laying around the house that you don’t play anymore?

We want to BUY it!!

If you have an instrument lying around your home collecting dust, bring it down to Famous Finds today. We can help find a new owner for it. For most instruments, vintage is preferred (Pre-1980) although we may selectively buy newer ones as well.

Are you and your friends starting a band and need equipment? Why spend full price on music instruments when you can spend less at Famous Finds. Contact us today for an inventory list of instruments.

Below is just a partial list of the items we are actively seeking. Don’t see your item on the list? There is still a chance we might want it, call today to find out.



  • Guitars Electric or Acoustic (Gibson, Fender, Martin, Gretsch, etc)
  • Saxophones (Selmer, Conn, etc)
  • Trumpets (Yamaha, Martin, Schlike, Bach, etc)
  • Trombones (King, Conn, Bach, etc)
  • Mandolins (Gibson, National, etc)
  • Banjos (Gibson, Weber, etc)
  • Amps (Gibson, Fender, etc)
  • Microphones
  • Violins