Toys & Banks

Famous finds is looking to buy all vintage (mainly pre 1970) toys and banks. Premiums paid for items that still have there original boxes. Please do not clean your item before bringing it in or calling us, as you could harm the paint or finish and reduce the value of your item.


  • Lionel and other trains (Metal, not plastic)
  • Wind Up Toys
  • Robots (US or Foreign)
  • Tin Litho Toys
  • Cars and Trucks (Buddy L, Hubley, Friction, etc)
  • Action Figures (GI Joe, Star Wars…vintage.. in BOX only)
  • Vintage Character Toys (Batman, Superman, The Beatles,
  • Cast Iron Banks
  • Vintage Matchbox and Hot Wheels Cars

No collection is to large… If your item is vintage (pre 1970) and you dont see it on the list, call us today.